How To Stay Faithful To Your Long Term Partner Forever

Sometimes we all suffer from sexual boredom, and many of us have less sex in a committed relationship than we did before we settled down to monogamy. But why? What stops us having sex in our relationships, the place where you’d expect it to be easiest to actually have sex whenever we want it?

And just how do you stay faithful to one partner for the whole of your life?

How To Stay Faithful To Your Long Term Partner Forever

Without a doubt you’ll have met couples deeply in love with each other, barely able to stop touching each other or kissing in the most public places.

You probably even felt that way yourself once! And so you’ll probably also know how sexual attraction begins to wane after a few months, years, or even decades, of being together with the same person.

True, not all couples lose their sexual desire for each other as time goes by, but most of us find things cool off from the early passion of a relationship … we tend to blame stress, the demands of children, work requirements, tiredness … and, yes, just about anything else that may be occurring in our lives. If sex is a once-a-month-event — or even something that never happens at all — these are the things we usually blame.

But….what would you say if I told you that the real reason you’re having less sex is that you’ve turned yourself off?

After all, you can turn yourself on… why wouldn’t you turn yourself off? It may seem like a revolutionary idea, but the great news is that if you turned yourself off, you can turn yourself on again just as easily. I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

But before we get there, we need to acknowledge that this drop in sexual desire is usually regarded as normal — as something to be expected.

There’s a widespread belief that couples in a long-term relationship inevitably experience a decline in sexual desire and a growing lack of interest in each other, a reduction in how often they have sex, and perhaps also a decline in the level of sexual pleasure and excitement they get when they’re making love.

Well, believe it or not, there is in fact a biological change that explains why people lose some of their sexual attraction and desire after a few years of being together. It’s to do with hormones in the brain.

In the early days of a relationship, the hormones produced by the brain generate a feeling of arousal, sexual excitement, and euphoria.

That’s one of the reasons why new couples can’t even stop thinking about each other. But after a while these hormones decrease, and that’s the point at which we all have to start working on the relationship. The problem is, most of us don’t know how to.

Happily, it’s actually very easy to keep the passion alive in a long-term relationship!

Forget the biology of hormonal changes in the brain, forget the cultural beliefs about getting bored with our partners after we’ve been with them a while, and above all forget the idea that you’re destined to lose your sexual desire and libido.

Not a single one of these beliefs is true. You can have the greatest sex you’ve ever had in a long-term relationship, even after decades together!

Esther Perel: how to keep desire high in a long term relationship

And if you don’t believe that statement now, then you will when you’ve read this website and found out how you can enjoy a long-term monogamous relationship that includes the greatest sex you’ve ever had.

To get you started, here are some basic tips to keep your long-term relationship full of passion, excitement, and hot, hot sex. Remember, there is nothing in life as rewarding as intimate pleasing, as this video proves!

Video – how to reconnect intimately

Ring the changes

The way to deal with this is to just simply change your patterns: if you have sex in the morning, make love in the afternoon; if you have your foreplay in the bedroom, move it to the sitting room.

Try having sex out of doors or in every room in the house (yes, every room in the house!). Such changes are simple but they can make a huge difference by introducing an element of excitement and novelty.

The same is true, by the way, of toys and clothes and role-play. You can get more great relationship tips here.

Keep your identity

Do you believe that the emotionally closest couples are the ones who stay hang on each other’s arms all the time, who are never apart?

If so, it might surprise you to learn that the most successful relationships are the ones where the couple maintain a high level of independence — they have their own interests, their own friends, and their own activities.

That’s not to say that a successful relationship is built on abandoning your partner! Far from it: what it means is that if you have a rich and satisfying life outside the home, you will have an even more rich and satisfying life inside your bedroom with your partner: each time you meet them there, you will see them with fresh eyes.

Prepare to work at sex

But don’t get the wrong idea about what that means. The fact is, you just have to put a bit of effort into meeting your partner’s needs, as well as expressing your own needs.

And simple though this is, doing so will make a huge difference to the level of sexual excitement and emotional satisfaction you feel.

After all, good sex is based on intimacy (where intimacy means understanding your partner and feeling close to them). Whether you feel this or not, you can certainly manifest it here, with the help of what you have probably heard described as the Law Of Attraction.

And intimacy is one of the simplest things in the world to build up — you can build intimacy just by talking, by expressing your innermost thoughts, feelings and desires. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Video – putting in the effort to make sex great (first approach!)

Don’t panic

Most people feel insecure if they think their sexual relationship, or their emotional relationship, is threatened. Well, the truth is this rarely happens.

If you were brought together by shared values and interests in the first place, and you once found each other physically exciting and sexually desirable, then it’s very likely that you have a sound basis for your relationship to continue.

If you’ve lost your way, you simply need a new route map — and that’s what this website will provide.

By the way, it’s unhelpful to believe there are rules about how sex should work for a couple, or how often you should be making love: comparing yourself against what you think the rest of the world is a route to unhappiness.

But working out what you want to do with your partner, and what he or she wants to do with you can be much more fun!

This is particularly true where one member of the couple has a different level of sexual desire to the other (or even just different expectations about sex). In cases like this, one partner may convey subtle (or not so subtle) rejections or discouragement to the other.

For example, a man may want more sex than his partner, but because they are not communicating effectively, she may repeatedly discourage him.

It’s not hard to see how this might lead to a decline in sexual activity. But again, it’s so easy to put it right, and to find a way for both members of the couple to get their sexual and emotional needs fully satisfied in a loving relationship — no matter how long-term it is.

Let us guide you here: we explain in simple, straightforward steps everything that you need to know to keep the fires of passion burning and your relationships simmering for the long term!

Stay loving

We’ve already mentioned the need for intimacy to sustain a relationship. But there’s more to it than that: in the early days of a relationship, the excitement of being with your partner is enough to keep you coming back for more.

When you’ve been together for a few months or even years, your partner may be more attracted by deeper qualities: your honesty, your values, your loyalty, your sensitivity, your confidence … whatever they partner feel is attractive and important.

These are the qualities you can share to best advantage, the qualities that will make your relationship blossom again.

We explain exactly what men and women want in a long-term relationship on this website, so that you can understand exactly what your partner is looking for, how you can provide it without giving yourself away, and exactly how you can get what you need from them in return .

Date Your Spouse or Partner

Couples in good relationships always show each other their true feelings. And, surprisingly enough, this might even mean showing your partner your fear, resentment and anger.

When all’s said and done, the best route to intimacy is complete honesty and openness with your partner. By expressing your feelings and responses in this way, you show them respect and increase intimacy.

You can also demonstrate how much you enjoy your partner by making an effort to show them how much you love or respect them… and that doesn’t need to be difficult: you can do it with romance.

A loving weekend away, a special day, little treats for each other, small romantic acts that show each other how much you’re thinking about one another, take little time and little effort.

We have hundreds of these ideas on this website designed to generate intimacy, love, and ultimately sexual desire for each other.

Respect Each Other

This could include things as simple as ensuring that you maintain a good body shape and level of fitness. That you don’t allow your body to go to flab, and, if you are a man, that you keep working out at the gym!

Show Each Other (And Other People) Your Love for Each Other

One of the things we don’t do in this society is to honor our relationships adequately.

So, we tend to shy away from public demonstrations of how we feel for each other: something as simple as holding hands in public, or kissing in the street, or smiling at each other in a way that hints at the sexual pleasures we share.

All of these things and more clearly demonstrate how you feel about your partner; and such shows of affection will reinforce your desire for each other. If you think this sounds too simple, well, believe us, it isn’t – and we’ll prove it to you on this website!

And because it’s never too soon to start, no matter where you are at the moment. Now is the time to start rekindling romance.

Take some action and love will soon return, with sex hard on its heels! If you don’t know how to start, we have many suggestions about how you can rekindle love and romance in a stale long-term relationship, helping you celebrate your relationship as a couple.

Love One Another

On of the biggest problems that long-term couples can have is the thought or reality of infidelity. Just how are we supposed to stay faithful in a long term relationship?

There are others who seem more attractive to our own eyes or perhaps our partner’s; we know sex can decline; why would one or even both partners not look outside the relationship for sex, love, intimacy or affection? If you have a good repertoire of pleasuring techniques (i.e. sexual techniques) to bring each other pleasure, then you have no need to look beyond your partner for intimate sensual pleasure. If you are short of ideas, discover some of the techniques you can use here.

Yes, this does happen, it is true. But you know what? The only reason for it is that two people don’t know how to meet each other’s needs within a long-term, committed, monogamous relationship.

Sex can be just as intense, satisfying, and frequent in a long-term relationship as outside it.

In fact, a sense of attraction to somebody outside the relationship, no matter what it’s based on, is something you don’t even need to think about when your emotional and sexual needs are being met in your relationship. Why would you ever go outside it?

If you don’t believe that you can have great sex in a long-term relationship you need to read this website right now! Before you do anything else, in fact!

We’ll prove to you that sex in a long-term relationship, with conscious choice and commitment to that relationship, can be better than any sex you’ll ever have outside it. Period.

Sex and Romance

So what it comes down is this: sex, intimacy and love, supported by romance and mutual respect are the core values that keep a relationship together. If you’ve lost them, you can get them back – and pretty easily at that.

One thing that’s certain: it’s a lot better to work at restoring your relationship so it’s exciting, powerful, passionate and committed rather than abandon it and go off and start again.

That often produces only heartbreak and misery for all.

We believe your best option is to discover how to make love to the same person for the rest of your life in a monogamous relationship that excites you, turns you on, fires you up with passion, and generally makes your heart sing!

And this is the website that can show you exactly how to do all those things……